KDE/APT is made of two software packages: KIO/APT and KPkgManager. The first one gives access to apt-cache-like functionalities in Konqueror. The second allows very simple package management: install, remove and update/upgrade. It is designed to provide a simple but lightweight tool for everyday use while more complete tools like aptitude are still necessary sometimes.

Bird flock simulation

An OpenGL-based bird flock simulation

Karamba theme

For people like me who like to have the KasBar and gkrellm for monitoring, I adapted the smooth theme for Karamba to make it thiner. Just check a small screenshot (320x200) and a wider one (1024x768).

You can download it here. The theme file is doudou.theme. Be warned that I didn't adapt all the modules that are available.

Autobuild (on RubyForge)

A ruby-based autobuilder. Look at the readme too.