Debian packages

You can find a few debian packages on my repository (see below for sources.list lines

The packages are built against the unstable


Here are the lines you should add to your sources.list

deb ./

to your sources.list and

deb-src ./

if you want the sources as well.

deb ./

if you don't fear to test some softwares in alpha state


I'm no longer involved into Cinelerra-cvs. There is another guy who makes debian packages regularly, check the cinelerra-cvs mailing list.

OpenSceneGraph and Demeter

OpenSceneGraph (OSG) is a good scene graph library based on OpenGL. It provides a good OO abstraction on top of OpenGL, while allowing to do good-old plain OpenGL as well.

Demeter is a library for terrain rendering. It can be easily integrated in OSG applications. It can load a lot of terrain representation formats, from basic heightfields up to real geographic formats.

If you want an example of a OSG/Demeter application, try Birds in the Development section.

I made debian packages for both of them, as well as packages for their dependencies (mostly for Demeter). I'll try to be in sync with the latest versions of the libraries, but feel free to contact me if I missed a new upstream version.

If you have a Pentium IV and you want to use the raytracing-like functionalities of Demeter, I strongly recommend to rebuild the package using "-mfpmath=sse -msse" in the compiler flags

FunctionDump and FunctionCheck

FunctionDump was a very promising profiling tool. But it does not seem that it is developed anymore. I made packages for the latest versions I am aware of.

If you want a powerful testing tool, use Valgrind