KDE/APT: the simplicity of APT inside KDE

The KDE/APT project is hosted on SourceForge.

KIO/APT, the ioslave

If you're a Debian user, and you don't like much the graphical tools like aptitude or dselect, then it's likely you use apt-cache a lot. And you know how it can be painful to search for a package through many MANY "apt-cache search foo" and "apt-cache show bar" lines

The apt ioslave gives the ability to use apt-cache functionalities, as well as dpkg -S (searches the package containing a file) and dpkg -L (list the files in a package) - and the related functions in rpm - into Konqueror, and provides hypertext which makes browsing all this stuff easier :

All URLs that don't match the above formats, including apt:/, show a page with a HTML query form. The same query form is showed at the bottom of every page generated by the ioslave. It shows also a form for accessing packages.debian.org (if dpkg is used) or rpmfind.net (for apt-rpm users).

Of course, there is a debian package on my debian repository.

KPkgManager, the package management tool

KPkgManager is aimed at becoming the equivalent of apt-get. From now, it supports install and remove, update and [dist-]upgrade. It can be used from withing kio-apt: when kpkgmanager is installed, the ioslave will show install & remove buttons where they are needed.

kpkgmanager can dock into kicker. If you want to quit it, you have to use the right-click popup menu on the kicker icon

Of course, there is a debian package on my debian repository.