The news


kio-apt 0.13 and kpkgmanager 0.3.4 Rebuilt using gcc4 and the transitioned KDE packages (only for i386 for now, ppc packages to follow soon)


Version 0.1 of autobuild My first Ruby project. Look it out on RubyForige


kpkgmanager 0.3.3 and kio-apt 0.12 Fixes for APT 0.6. Only small changes, it should still compile and work under apt < 0.6. (kpkgmanager is NOT binary compatible, so you should rebuild it if you are using Apt 0.5)


kpkgmanager 0.3.1 Fixes the most annoying bugs of 0.3 (and there were annoying bugs). I don't have much time to work on it these days :(


kpkgmanager 0.3 and kio-apt 0.11 Bugfixes (as usual). KPkgManager now has KIO/Apt support in the stats dialog (the dialog which appears when an action has been selected). Kio/Apt is more friendly when the window is smaller.


kio-apt 0.10 and kpkgmanager 0.2 Bugfixes


kio-apt 0.9 and kpkgmanager 0.1 kpkgmanager is the KDE equivalent of apt-get. It is quite stable, since it used a lot of apt-get code (and, of course, the APT libraries). The README files contains some important security informations.

I use it for my upgrades since a few weeks, so I can say it is quite stable atm.

Please read the TODO list at the bottom of the README file before sending me any wishlist item.



Kio-apt 0.8 Query form to if rpm is used, thanks to David Maciejak


Kio-apt 0.7.2 Bugfixes


Kio-apt 0.7.1 Mainly code refactoring, but new features too:

Next step is kcm_apt ...


New kio-apt release (0.7) Adds support for RPM-specific functionalities, fixed a few bugs and a few cosmetic and usability changes. Adds polish translation too. Adding support for web-based search is on my to-do list, so don't ask for it. Many thanks to the guys who worked on it while I was skiing :)


Fixed the Release file apt-get didn't update the packages automatically (my repository was assigned a pin of 1 :(). Should be fixed now.